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Oceania (2015)

Oceania (the region of the world where Mandy is from, and where the album was conceived) is a celebration of some of Mandy's favourite Jazz standards, recorded and produced by Mandy Meadows and "The Queen's Cartoonists", and New York based band led by the amazing composer, pianist and arranger, Joel Pierson.  Click below for a sample of the time on the album.  

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The Mandy Meadows Band are outrageously different to anything you've seen before. Taking modern songs and adding a saucy stride, vintage swing or daring doo-wop - this isn't just jazz - it's all of it rolled into one and anyone watching simply cannot keep still.
The Mandy Meadows Band combine well-known Jazz Standards with Pop, Soul & Swing tunes for a tasteful, yet fun filled evening of intimate moments and hot stepping lively numbers.